A family portrait of disk inner rims around Herbig Ae/Be stars: Hunting for warps, rings, self shadowing, and misalignments in the inner astronomical units

J. Kluska, J. P. Berger, F. Malbet, B. Lazareff, M. Benisty, J. B. Le Bouquin, O. Absil, F. Baron, A. Delboulbé, G. Duvert, A. Isella, L. Jocou, A. Juhasz, S. Kraus, R. Lachaume, F. Ménard, R. Millan-Gabet, J. D. Monnier, T. Moulin, K. PerrautS. Rochat, C. Pinte, F. Soulez, M. Tallon, W. F. Thi, E. Thiébaut, W. Traub, G. Zins

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30 Citations (Scopus)

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