A digital module-based experiential learning in protein biochemistry during the COVID-19 pandemic paradigm

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Experiential learning is compromised in meeting the educational demands of our students during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. A more inclusive, flexible, and objective-oriented experiential learning environment is required. In this context, module-based experiential learning that is executable on a digital platform was designed. The learning module focused on protein biochemistry, contained a combination of asynchronous and synchronous activities categorized into ‘Knowledge Hub’ and ‘Lab-based Movie’, across 5 weeks. Digital and module-based experiential learning provides equitable, inclusive, and flexible access to students at remote locations. Furthermore, it is an objective-oriented and highly organized experiential learning framework that encourages students to engage and participate more in the learning process.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
JournalBiochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2022


  • active learning
  • laboratory exercises
  • learning and curriculum design
  • teaching and learning techniques methods and approaches
  • using simulation and internet resources for teaching
  • web-based learning

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