Young People, Technology, and Wellbeing Research Facility

  • Walsh, Lucas (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Black, Ros (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Richardson, Ingrid (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Third, Amanda (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Burns, Jane (Partner Investigator (PI))
  • Collin, Philippa (Partner Investigator (PI))

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    Project Description

    By establishing a Young People, Technologies & Wellbeing Research Facility, this project supports coordinated, collaborative, cross-sector knowledge brokering of research into the relationship between technology and young people's wellbeing. We will: a) establish a research clearing house of scholarship on young people, technology and wellbeing; b) implement an iterative process of knowledge brokering that briefs government, corporate and non-profit organizations about relevant research, and involves them in establishing research priorities and generating new baseline data; and c) conduct a meta-analysis of the knowledge brokering strategies implemented. This will enable industry bodies working with young people to better achieve their goals.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/14


    • Australian Research Council (ARC)