Young Pacific People Co-Creating Healthy and Sustainable Places

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This study investigates the prevailing policy and organisational conditions that can support the development and implementation of a youth participation model in the Pacific that seeks to empower young people and their communities to transform local food environments.

It also investigates how youth participation, co-design and citizen science methods are currently being utilised in the Pacific to build critical food literacies aimed at transforming local social, physical and digital food environments.

This study consists of Four Phases:
- Phase One - Policy analysis related to the emphasis afforded to youth participation in the Pacific and a youth participation program review– with a focus on co-design and citizen science.
- Phase Two - Identifying key settings and organisations to work with in the Pacific.
- Phase Three - Key informant workshops to help inform the adaptation of CO-CREATE to include sustainability.
- Phase Four - Consolidation of model and plan for implementation.

The objectives of the scoping study are to:
- Map how youth participation, co-design and citizen science are being mobilised in the Pacific – via policy analysis, literature and conducting interviews with key organisations currently utilising youth participation.
- Examine potential settings and conditions to ascertain how supportive they are towards participatory youth co-design models via conducting interviews with key stakeholders and food policy actors.
- Conduct key informant interviews and co-design workshops that will identify key adaptations required for the development of a Pacific youth co-creation model that includes sustainability and agriculture.
Effective start/end date15/11/2130/11/22