Workplace aggression experiences in nursing and midwifery: Prevalence, prevention, responses and impact

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Nurses and midwives are at high risk of exposure to aggression from patients, patients’ relatives or carers, co-workers and others. There has been limited investigation of exposure and responses to workplace aggression, and associations with key clinician and work factors, including aggression prevention and minimisation strategies, and impacts on clinician health and well-being. In this mixed methods study of Victorian nurses and midwives, we will implement a large-scale, self-report online survey, with a smaller, in-depth qualitative follow-up study, to develop insights into and recommendations on strategies to reduce the likelihood and consequences of this major work health and safety concern.
Short titleWorkplace aggression experiences in nursing and midwifery
Effective start/end date15/02/17 → 30/06/18


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