WMEP-IT-2A-017 Hydrogen Value Chain Design

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The aim of this project is to report on the feasibility and challenges associated with the development of an effective system for exploring the hydrogen value chain. The written report will focus both on each of the 9 components identified by Ashely Roberts, as well as on the overall system, determining for each:
• State of the art review, including what has been done at Monash, and Woodside partner institutions, e.g. MIT and NREL.
• What must be done/extended to get the system Woodside wants.
• Review the software, code and tools in use and provide
recommendations on the future approach taking into consideration,
key attributes and interfacing between the 9 components.
• Challenges to achieve this, including integration into overall system
and User Interface.
• Is this a place to start? If so, resources and rough timeline.
Short titleHydrogen Value Chain
Effective start/end date2/08/2130/09/21


  • Data Science
  • Sustainable Energy