Unraveling the mystery of the Plain of Jars, Laos

  • O'Reilly, Dougald (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Shewan, Louise, University of Melbourne (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Armstrong, Richard (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Chang, Nigel (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Domett, Kathryn (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Lim, Samsung (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Halcrow, Sian (Partner Investigator (PI))

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    Project Description

    Since their discovery in the 1930s the mysterious collections of giant stone jars scattered throughout central
    Laos have remained one of the great prehistoric puzzles of SE Asia. It is thought that the jars represent the
    mortuary remains of an extensive and powerful Iron Age culture. This project seeks to determine the true
    nature of these sites which date to a dynamic period of increasing complexity in SE Asia (c.500BCE-500CE).
    This will be achieved through extensive reconnaissance, precision mapping, archaeological excavation and
    analysis of associated burial material. Using a suite of cutting-edge archaeological technologies this project
    will have far-reaching benefits for archaeology, science, Laos and World Heritage.
    Effective start/end date1/01/1531/12/19


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD180,000.00