University-Industry linkages for business development through innovative knowledge creation (Sri Lanka)

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The primary goal of the Fellowship is to build the research capacity of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ) to carry out research in collaboration with the industry and produce innovative knowledge useful to the industry. It supports the Government’s economic development strategy by strengthening industries to gain entry into the regional markets that would contribute to eradicating poverty. A secondary objective of the Fellowship is to foster a tripartite-collaboration between Monash University, Sri Lanka Institute for Development Administration and USJ towards enhancing entrepreneurial spirit in the public sector. Weak linkages between public Universities and industries in Sri Lanka has seriously affected the possible exchange of mutually beneficial opportunities, such as funding, research access by universities, increased industry presence on-campus, industrial visits by academics and students to the private sector, and networking and access to innovative knowledge and technology. Promoting these linkages is important to improve corporate competitiveness and accelerate sustainable growth, both of which are critical for the Government’s private sector development initiatives. This Fellowship supports even the long term strategic public-private partnerships by providing a multifaceted platform where firms can develop stronger innovative capacities in the long run, by building upon the capabilities, methods, and tools of universities.
Effective start/end date10/03/1829/06/18