Understanding the immunological and clinical sequelae of COVID-19 in affected Health Care Workers

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Since the emergence of SARS-CoV2, there is growing evidence that the
virus results in a dangerous and sometimes unstoppable cascade of inflammation that leads
to organ dysfunction, including lung inflammation, increased clotting risk and other
inflammatory manifestations, all of which remain overall poorly understood. What is even
less understood are the chronic, long-term, are the effects of the virus on the immune
system and general well-being of COVID-19 sufferers. We propose a collaborative study to
help capture and explore all stages of immune activation during the infection, with
particular emphasis on understanding how COVID-19 impacts on immune and organ
recovery in Health Care Workers. This study is unique in that it aims to recruit HCW from
pre-infection and monitor them for symptoms, through to a positive result and beyond,
allowing for capture of the immune response at the various stages
Effective start/end date28/08/2028/08/21