Understanding Farmers' Record-Keeping Practice to Support Decision Making Using Data-Driven Farming In Indonesia

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The vast majority of farmers in developing countries are smallholder farmers. They often make decisions in the field based on general recommendations or historical information rather than scientific data. There is an opportunity to use data management and communication technologies to provide smallholder farmers with data-driven guidance to better manage their crops, reduce yield variability, and increase food security. However, challenges remain around data collection and a lack of understanding of how recordkeeping can enhance decision making. Research about farmers' attitudes, especially smallholders, toward data collection and recordkeeping practices remain limited. Furthermore, most design concepts have been developed primarily for industrialised farms and adopted from high-income countries. They are not tailored to the needs of smallholder farmers in developing countries. This project examines farmers' recordkeeping practices to identify ways to design strategies that will improve farmers' ability to engage with data-driven farming. The project, conducted in Indonesia, serves as a preliminary investigation to provide a foundation for further work on how enhanced recordkeeping capabilities can help farmers use data-driven agriculture as a decision-making tool.
Short titleFarmers Record-Keeping
AcronymWhyte Fund
Effective start/end date8/07/227/07/23


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