Uncharted waters: Bluespace connection initiatives for wellbeing, education and planetary health

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Human (dis)connection from nature and each other feeds significant issues from planetary ecological collapse to poverty and violence. Human-planetary health/wellbeing, education and gender equity are significant global interest and research areas, from World Health Organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals to grassroots education/activism. Yet how well-being emerges from human everyday life experiences is poorly understood, under-researched, and particularly in watery spaces-oceans and rivers, or ‘bluespace’. This pilot charts new territory, developing protoype methodology to advance researching human bluespace (dis)connection, investigating successful socio-ecological initiatives of unresearched underserved populations’ experiences, and providing answers to how bluespace (and its education) can help the (human-planetary health)world.
Effective start/end date24/09/2030/09/21