TreeLines (Stage1)

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Project Description

This collaborative project will create unique light and glass sculptural forms to mark a number of sites of Indigenous significance. Using selected eucalyptus trees at each site within Country, the tree’s own shadow will form the basis of
a glass ‘drawing’ set into the ground beneath it, a direct connection to Country and place. By day, the dark glass will read as an exaggerated shadow, at night it bathes the area in a soft red glow. These works will connect visitors to Country; to the living, enduring presence of Aboriginal connection and embody the
dynamic agency represented by Country itself. The sites are intended to connect all visitors to the potency of this proposition but are also intended to prompt discussion and reflection about place, position and relationality.
The key steps of Stage 1 will be testing a prototype form and develop the method of forming the glass components and LED lighting technology. The first site will be researched and tested and remaining sites researched and identified through consultation with custodians. A detailed cost plan will be developed from this prototype and design phase. The key questions posed at this stage of the project will be the logistics of the material and its installation and the effective use of these materials. Also, a set of criteria for locating sites will be formulated in order to provide assistance to custodians at each location. It is envisioned that each location will inform the next and so on – this will add to the narrative of not only the content of the artwork itself, but the methods of gathering information and knowledge along the way. It is this relationship of narrative of content and methods that will link the project across the state.
Effective start/end date15/07/1821/10/18