Transforming teaching and learning practices: Students’ voice in course development, delivery and assessment

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    The main aim of the Better Teaching Better Learning Agenda (BTBL), (2013) is to enhance the quality of education offered by the university, through an emphasis on innovative practice directed by student centred learning. One way to achieve this is to consider the four quadrant framework (4QF) (Willems and Bateman, 2013), which examines learning and teaching (LT) in relation to social media (SM). The framework describes the structure of formal and informal learning opportunities from teacher-directed to student-centred. This pilot project challenges current university practise of pre set course content delivered through instructional teaching and moves towards students contributing to their own learning using social media, where “learning is more interactive discovery based and applicable to the real world” (BTBL, 2013 p. 5). The aim is to form a community of learners using blended interaction where student choice and opinion on course development, delivery and content is foundational. The questions to be examined include: Are there better opportunities to enhance LT by using social media with students in the process of unit development, delivery and assessment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating student’s choice and opinion into course development, delivery and assessment? We will use the change and engagement cycle. This project challenges traditional practices of unit development where Chief examiners decide course content, make assumptions about student learning and knowledge and teaching is instructional, to one where LT is interactive, and incorporates student opinion and choice beginning at the course development stage.
    Effective start/end date1/05/1631/05/17


    • Preservice teacher centered learning
    • unit development
    • preservice teacher voice and opinion
    • innovations in teaching and learning