The Level Crossing Removal Program and Mernda Rail Extension - Tarneit Southern Bus Interchange – DoT Megabike (Stage 1)

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This research project seeks to create a new solution to the problem of bicycle parking at high capacity destinations such as railway stations. It aims to investigate and develop infrastructure specifically targeted at removing barriers to cycling, with a specific focus on the development of a modular, high capacity, permanent, cycle parking facility.

Part one will develop a high level spatial analysis and site context study specific to Tarneit railway station. It will determine, within a range, how much space a bicycle facility will require, and essential functional characteristics. Detailed costing for part one is included in this proposal.

Part two will develop a bicycle parking device and a configuration of this device specific to Tarneit. The bicycle parking device, expected to be a modular system, will be published using a creative commons licence as a means to hand over the design ready for production and installation. A cost estimate for part two is included in this proposal.
Short titleTransport for Victoria MegaBike (Part One)
Effective start/end date24/05/2116/07/21


  • AECOM (Australia) : A$18,576.00