The impact of sodium ingestion during exercise on plasma sodium concentration, plasma volume and sodium balance during and 24 hours post exercise in ultra-endurance athletes.

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Ultra Sports Science Foundation Project Grant:
To determine the effect of targeted compared to no sodium ingestion during ultraendurance running in the heat on: 1) Markers of plasma haemostasis (i.e. plasma [Na+], plasma osmolality and plasma volume), 2) Whole body sodium balance (i.e. sweat [Na+], and total sweat and urinary Na excretion), 3) Thermoregulation and cardiovascular responses (i.e. heart rate, rectal temperature), and 4) sodium balance and recovery of plasma [Na+], plasma osmolality and plasma volume in the 24 h following the running bout.
Short titleSodium status and ultra-endurance
Effective start/end date4/02/1931/12/19