The French and Australian population: impacted by driving anxiety

  • Jallais, Christophe (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Stephens, Amanda (Chief Investigator (CI))

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In most modern societies, the possibility of driving a personal car is crucial to maintain mobility and autonomy. For many, this is an essential ability to access a wide variety of activities and to facilitate access employment.
In this context, difficulties in access to driving, for various reasons, can be experienced as a handicap for users. Now, a part of the population expresses difficulties linked to driving anxiety that impact this ability. Depending on the individuals, this anxiety can be experienced as a simple discomfort, or can lead to a strong limitation of driving activity or even a total cessation of driving.
Although this phenomenon is poorly defined in the literature, it seems far from marginal.
For the past thirty years, researchers have been interested in this phenomenon according to various approaches: psychological, psychophysiological, therapeutic, social, particularly in relation to road safety issues.... The common idea is to highlight potentially serious consequences of driving anxiety such as restriction of freedom, negative influence on quality of life or even health, loss of professional opportunities and social stigma.
The main objective of this online survey is to characterize the French and Australian populations, which are impacted by driving anxiety. Therefore, it is mainly a descriptive approach: who feels to be concerned? How does this phenomenon manifest itself? With which intensity? How does it develop over the life of the people concerned? Is there a typology of this phenomenon?
Another objective is to measure the extent to which this phenomenon has repercussions on job access, job retention and the quality of life at work.
Finally, it will try to provide some answers on the factors that influence the data on driving anxiety collected (socio-demographic factors, driving experience history, accidentology, driving relationship, etc.)
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19


  • road safety
  • driving behaviour
  • driving anxiety
  • human factors