The Dementia and Delirium Care with Volunteers Program: Acceptability and Feasibility Study

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People with dementia (Alzheimer’s disease being the most common type) and/or delirium (D&D) are more likely to experience adverse events when in hospital (e.g. falls, infections, longer hospital stays). Nurses believe that one-on-one supervision is required to avoid these complications. However hospitals often lack resources to provide this level of care. The Dementia and Delirium Care with Volunteers (DDCV) program© provides one-on-one emotional support and practical assistance for patients with D&D. In this project we assess the prevalence of D&D and explore the acceptability of the program from the perspective of nurses, patients, caregivers and volunteers.
Short titleDDCV acceptability and feasibility project
Effective start/end date2/01/172/07/18