Technology Facilitated Abuse: Extent, nature and responses in the Australian community

  • Flynn, Asher (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Powell, Anastasia (Associate Investigator (AI))

Project: Research

Project Details

Project Description

The aims of this proposed research project are to:

• Establish reliable national prevalence rates for the victimisation and perpetration of key forms of Technology Facilitated Abuse, namely, online sexual harassment, stalking, partner violence, and image-based abuse;
• Understand the lived experiences and help-seeking patterns of women victim-survivors of Technology Facilitated Abuse; and
• Inform practice innovation and policy development in prevention and responses to Technology Facilitated Abuse.

To address these project aims, our proposal is designed around the following key research questions:

1. What is the extent of Technology Facilitated Abuse victimisation and perpetration in the Australian community (aged 18 and over)?
2. What is the nature and contexts of women victim-survivors experiences of Technology Facilitated Abuse and what help-seeking remedies currently exist (or are needed)?
3. What is the nature and characteristics of perpetration of Technology Facilitated Abuse?
4. What are the challenges and current practice of prevention and responses to Technology Facilitated Abuse in the sector?
5. How can we more effectively disrupt, prevent and respond to Technology Facilitated Abuse and what types of social, awareness-raising and support interventions are required?

In order to address the research aims and questions outlined above, our proposed mixed-method research design comprises four Stages:

Stage I: Sector Survey
Stage II: Formative Qualitative Research
Stage III: National Survey of TFA Victimisation and Perpetration
Stage IV: Sector Design-led Policy Roundtable
Effective start/end date28/05/2027/06/22


  • Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS): A$294,031.00


  • technology-facilitated sexual violence
  • technology-facilitated abuse
  • gender
  • gendered violence