Teach-back for consumers: Online education module

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Effective communication between patients and providers is a fundamental requirement of safe health care. Teach-back is a clinical communication tool used to check understanding and is shown to make a positive contribution to patient outcomes. We have previously co-designed www.teachback.org as an interactive learning module for clinicians.
Currently, teach-back is initiated by clinicians rather than consumers. However, consumers have told us they would like to be more actively involved in the communication process by initiating teach-back themselves. This project aims to co-design an online interactive learning resource to support consumers to initiate teach-back during clinical interactions. The module will be developed by the original team who built the clinician teach-back module and will be funded by Safer Care Victoria
Short titleTeach-back for consumers
Effective start/end date15/07/2030/06/21


  • Safer Care Victoria (SCV): A$90,783.64