Tackle Your Feelings Program Evaluation

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    Tackle Your Feelings is a Mental Health training program for community AFL clubs, a community initiative of the AFL Coaches Association, AFL Players’ Association and Zurich Insurance. The program strives to work with community AFL Coaches, providing them with the necessary tools to understand, recognise and manage signs of mental ill health amongst their players and within their community clubs. The Tackle Your Feelings program aims to address mental health awareness, stigma (self and social) and ultimately change behaviours. The specific objectives of the workshop curriculum are to:
    1. Increase mental health literacy amongst amateur community football coaches; and
    2. Increase amateur community football coach’s self-efficacy to conduct quality mental health conversations with players when a shift in mental health has been recognised.

    Aims and Objectives of Tackle Your Feelings Program Evaluation
    The Monash academic research team will work with the AFL Coaches Association in delivering a high quality research and evaluation of the Tackle Your Feelings program. The research and evaluation of the TYF program involves measuring the efficacy of the curriculum in alignment with its objectives, evaluating the entire database, refining measures, exploring demographic factors, analysing and ascertaining improvements to the project as below.
    · Measuring the efficacy of the curriculum in aligning with its objectives.
    · Applying validated quantitative measures within appropriate sampling methodology, including a control group
    · Implementing data collection and data analysis
    · Preparing an Evaluation Report (with interim reporting every 6 months)
    · Preparing the evaluation for peer-reviewed publication
    Effective start/end date19/03/2131/10/23