Survivor Perspectives on Institutional use of CSAM

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The recording of childhood sexual abuse constitutes distinct abuse in its own right; the creation of a permanent record of the abuse contributes a high degree of psychological trauma. The continual circulation of such Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), with multiple and ongoing traumatizing aspects, has no definable end, meaning that achieving 'closure' can be impossible.

This situation may also be exacerbated by the knowledge that the material is often retained and shared by law enforcement agencies globally and indefinitely. While such collections are used in good faith to investigate CSAM-related crime, there remain issues of consent for such use, as well as the continued existence of the material, even if used for the 'greater good'.

This study aims to understand survivor attitudes, preferences and needs around the use of CSAM by institution such as law enforcement agencies, the courts, and, by extention, research institutions.
Short titleSurvivor Perspectives
AcronymSurvivor Perspectives
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  • National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse: A$240,415.00