Structural evolution of the Acra region of the eastern goldfields, WA

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Acra is a new joint venture northeast of Kalgoorlie, managed by Northern Star Resources. The area, 60km northeast of Kalgoorlie consists of ultramafic, mafic and volcanogenic sedimentary sequences in addition to the overlying late Archaean clastic basins. The region was a rich gold mining area in the 1920s, but modern exploration has been almost entirely focused on Nickel. The previous nickel work has resulted in extensive geophysical datasets, but these datasets have seen little attention for gold exploration. The project will deliver detailed interpretation of the geophysical datasets available for the area and supplement those with field mapping to create a litho-structural interpretation of the area
Short titleNSR Acra project (Kanowna)
Effective start/end date27/03/1720/11/17