Strengthening Cyber Security Capacity and Awareness in the Indo - Pacific Region: Australia - Myanmar Cooperation

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The project is designed to strengthen Myanmar’s cyber security capacity and raise cyber security awareness among government officials, IT practitioners and students at the five leading computer science universities. It will review existing Myanmar laws and regulations relevant to cybersecurity and compare them with the Convention on Cybercrime and international standard/agreement set by regional and international organisations such as APEC and ASEAN. Focus groups involving representatives from government agencies, the private sector, legal firms and NGOs will be used to identify weaknesses and gaps, including knowledge gaps, in the regulatory environment. The review results, including recommendations for new or amended laws and regulations, will be presented to government officials. it will also provide training to to staff at MMCERT to strengthen their knowledge on methods and policies to encourage incident reporting. Working with MMCERT, lectures will be arranged for staff and students at the five leading University of Computer Studies proposed by MMCERT.
Short titleCyber security in Myanamr
Effective start/end date1/07/1730/06/19


  • DFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia): AUD112,195.00
  • DFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia): AUD35,067.00
  • Monash University – Internal School Contribution
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