Stopped-flow SANS of nanomaterial-liposome interactions

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Graphene oxide (GO) promises to be an alternative to graphene because it’s easier and cheaper to synthesise via the oxidation of graphite. It can be manipulated more easily due to its dispersibility in many common solvents including water, and GO sheets can be further chemically functionalised, or reduced back to a graphene-like material (reduced graphene oxide, rGO). The high surface area and the amphiphilicity of GO makes it an ideal substrate for biosensors, environmental and biomedical applications. Recent work has shown that carbon based fluorescent materials show greater stability, biocompatibility and lower toxicity. If these materials were to be used in our day to day lives, their interaction with live cells and membranes needs to be better understood. We aim to study the interaction
with the biomimetic membrane extensively to better understand the affects they will have on living cells
and environment
Effective start/end date20/03/1724/03/17