SNOTWATCH Asthma: Mapping childhood viruses in real time to improve asthma health outcomes

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SNOTWATCH will map in time and place the spread of multiple respiratory viruses across Victoria, and for the first time, assess their association with asthma attacks in children and adults. Seasonal viral infections are common triggers for asthma attacks. This project will utilise the multiple hospital and primary care members of Monash Partner’s, to upload anonymous laboratory results in real time, and assess the impact upon GP encounters and emergency department attendances. Monash Partner’s academic strength in data and epidemiologic analysis will be used to determine predictive associations to allow early warnings to both providers and patients/families. The translational strength of Monash Centre for Health Research Implementation will be used to design and test alerts for maximum health benefit. By allowing early warning, patients can increase preventive medicines and health services can prepare appropriately.
Short titleSNOTWATCH Asthma
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/20