Shaping our Future - National Children's Education and Care Workforce Strategy 2022-2031. Focus Area 4.3: Initiate and promote research monitoring the wellbeing of educators and teachers - Phase 1 Literature Review and survey design

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This Project represents Phase 1 - of the Focus Area 4.3: Initiate and promote research monitoring the wellbeing of educators and teachers as a part of the National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy which was endorsed by Education Ministers on August 12, 2022.

A key deliverable will be a comprehensive literature review report. This report will analyse existing international, national, and local research on two main areas:
- the factors affecting the well-being of early childhood educators and Early Childhood Teachers (ECTs) over time, and the frameworks available for supporting their well-being, including considerations for cultural safety.
- the second key deliverable is a report that outlines a national approach to collecting data on educators and ECT well-being. This report will offer options for measures that can be used for long-term comparisons and will consider various challenges and strategies for supporting well-being across different contexts, roles, and settings. It will also examine the impact of factors like COVID-19 and the size of the provider on educator well-being. The report aims to provide insights into how well-being affects the quality of the workforce in the early childhood education and care sector.

Last, the project will develop a national survey tool designed to monitor the well-being of educators and ECTs over time.
- This will include the survey's methodology, questionnaires, and reporting tools.
- The survey will consider whether to adapt existing research tools or develop new ones, and it will aim to measure the effectiveness of well-being-related strategies over time.
- Oversight is provided by the Early Childhood Policy Group Workforce Working Group (ECPG WWG), and a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to offer expert guidance.

This project is coordinated by Queensland, with financial contributions determined by Education Services Australia.

Effective start/end date21/08/2328/07/24