Scoping vision for forest fires prevention and evaluating their impact on the forests of Southern and Southwestern (ASIR) Regions

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This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of current forest fire management and fire prevention system. Including, early warning and response tool for use by the responsible authorities for fire prevention and the distribution of firefighting resources. The evaluation include laying the foundations for forest fire prevention as sensors, technical and human fire monitoring, and methods of dealing with the start of forest fires, early warning and notification to the competent authorities. This project also includes identifying the means to contribute to fighting the fire if it occurs, besieging and extinguishing it, rehabilitating the affected sites and other activities related to the use of sites. The sites to be covered in this project include forest areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the attached map. This also includes forest areas in the western and southern highlands, as well as the forests of internal valleys, according to the map shown.
Based on the benchmarking and international best practices in the field of fire management and control, especially in countries similar climate to the Kingdom, the best practices and procedures to be taken before, during and after the occurrence of any fire in a forest site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are identified and implemented.
Effective start/end date6/09/2331/08/24


  • forest fire prevention
  • evaluation
  • forest fire management
  • early warning