Scaling up Provision of Televised Climate Information to Regional Australia

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With this funding, the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub, will conduct the research needed to scale up its Climate Communicators program of delivering climate information through television weather presenters, throughout regional Australia. To do so, we will model data from 25 regional towns in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, according to 30 climate indices for each month of the year. Out of the modelling we will create sample climate charts to engage new weather presenters showing the relevance to the media markets in which they operate. We will also provide samples of bespoke climate trends related to lengthening fire seasons, drought, cyclone intensity and coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. The research will match high-quality Acorn-Sat weather stations with media markets in the regional areas of the three states. We will also research the best ways to make each climate trend chart clear and broadcast-ready by studying the house style and visual design of each broadcaster's existing graphics associated with their regular weather bulletins. A suggested script will also be provided with each graph.
Short titleClimateTVtoRegionalAustralia
Effective start/end date6/05/206/05/21