Review of Implementation of 4th Road Safety Master Plan for Thailand

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In 2019 MUARC undertook a comprehensive review of Thailand's status against the voluntary global targets for road safety risk factors and service delivery mechanisms for the WHO. MUARC is pleased to be invited to contribute to this current project to review the implementation of the 4th Road Safety Master Plan, with the goal of understanding its outcomes and informing the development of the 5th Master Plan, which will be drafted soon. MUARC will:

Assist with the development of the review frameworks and tools
Assist with analysis of interview, high-level documents and data collection outputs
Provide feedback on draft internal report
Incorporate international expert and independence advisor feedback into draft report
Assist with preparation of final report Executive Summary
Prepare final stakeholder presentation
Effective start/end date24/05/2130/09/21


  • WHO - World Health Organization (Headquarters): A$19,819.80


  • Road Safety
  • Master Plan
  • Implementation