Researching and Teaching Twenty-first Century China

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Over the last two decades, Chinese studies has expanded exponentially, largely as a result of China’s increasing strategic importance to the world economy and international security. Topics and themes of interest are constantly multiplying and subdividing, and well-established areas of expertise have become more complicated and less identifiable. The project addresses four key challenges that this situation poses to research and teaching on contemporary China:
(1) a continuing surge of academic publications, with the ensuing multiplication of discipline-based and interdisciplinary endeavours
(2) the explosion of online information about all manner of things concerning China and the Chinese-speaking world
(3) the extent to which we can create more productive ways of integrating Chinese intellectual inquiry into the work of the Anglophone humanities and social sciences
(4) political restrictions on research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences at mainland universities and their effects on international collaborative research.
Effective start/end date6/04/1731/12/17