Research into Action: Enabler of Bushfire Resilience

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Monash University will support disadvantaged bushfire affected communities with their recovery process through knowledge generation and linking to global innovations. To do this, Monash will provide technical analysis and expertise to conceptualise, test, and develop an impact-driven Bushfire Resilience Program. The program will be founded around an evidenced-based decision making framework, using the best available knowledge and information to create the conditions for transformative change for communities experiencing multiple forms of disadvantage, specifically those where bushfires may have amplified or compounded these challenges.

Monash will provide three key roles in this program. The first is an advisory and knowledge translation function to enable public sharing of insights in ways which advance discussions and debates at the local, regional and national levels. The second is to provide technical support to communities in ways which generate data and information to improve community and government co-production and planning processes. Finally, Monash will design a long-term research agenda and evaluation strategy to both inform the initiative but also help shape policies and investment decisions which reduce disadvantage and help Australian communities become more resilient to future bushfire crises.

Monash will draw from its Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) program and Sustainable Development Institute experience as well as specialised expertise from across the institution (i.e. community development, technology innovation, rural and urban development, data, spatial imaging, mental health, forestry and ecosystem management, economic recovery, and behavioral sciences).
Effective start/end date28/08/2028/02/21


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