Religious Education in Australian Government Schools: Do the Current Laws, Policies, and Curricula Undermine the Fundamental Aims of Education?

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    This project will examine current the current laws, policies, practices and curriculum materials pertaining to religious education in Australian government schools, especially Special Religious Instruction (SRI). The project seeks to evaluate the extent to which these align with, or undermine, fundamental educational aims. I will draw on John Dewey’s influential educational theory, to articulate the fundamental aims of education. Dewey outlined three key educational aims: (1) the development of the capacity for inquiry; (2) understanding of a wide range of knowledge (i.e., culture); and (3) fostering democratic communities. These educational aims are inherent in contemporary Australian educational policies. If it is shown that current SRI laws, policies and practices undermine the fundamental aims of education, this would provide powerful reasons to amend current laws and ban SRI in government schools.
    Effective start/end date1/11/2128/02/23


    • religious education
    • Australian education policy
    • John Dewey
    • indoctrination and education
    • ethics education
    • philosophy of education
    • religious curriculum and pedagogy