Recruiting Aspiring STEM Teachers (RAST)

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This EOI is innovative as it is underpinned by social justice values. It is targeting the impact of poverty and multiple-disadvantages on STEM education outcomes for students. We aim to co-develop a block placement program for STEM PSTs that deepens understandings of the importance of teachers’ work in schools within disadvantaged communities. The project will require the creation of a cluster school approach to STEM ITE where the involved schools are all situated in disadvantaged communities in the same geographic area, and in need of STEM graduate teachers. Further innovation lies in the schools joining a partnership with Monash University to co-design and co-present workshops for the participant pre-service teachers. These workshops will be offered immediately prior to a block practicum allowing the immediate use of new insights, knowledge, skills and pedagogical approaches. Debriefing sessions will also run at the conclusion of the block practicum.
Effective start/end date2/07/19 → 20/11/20