Recording of the Johannes Luebbers Dectet 10x10x10 project

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This project involves the recording of an innovative new body of work for the Johannes Luebbers Dectet (JLD), along with the filming of a live concert for further analysis. It is the extension of ongoing practice-led research, developing collaborative approaches to jazz composition and exploring how collaborative elements might innovate a composers practice. The project includes some of Australia’s most outstanding improvisers, leading classical instrumentalists, and several emerging artists.

The project will extend existing practice-led research, examining how the compositions continue to evolve in a recording environment and which collaborative elements develop further. The recording that results will form the basis of several further research projects into compositional language, creative flow and the negotiation of improvised elements in composed environments (analysis that cannot happen from a score alone).

This videographic documentation will be an ongoing source of ethnographic research, analysing the ways in which the band interacts and balances the roles of improvisation and composition. These activities will be a valuable addition to the developing research around jazz composition in Australia.
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/01/19