Rapid Review: Mental Wellbeing in Community Sports Clubs

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    The aim of this research project is to assist VicHealth in conducting an analysis of initiatives and resources within community sport, that focus on mental health and wellbeing of their members. This is to assist sporting clubs in the sustainable promotion of mental wellbeing as part of a coordinated primary prevention approach. This research project will deliver outcomes in three significant ways:

    1) It will provide a robust and evidence-based set of ‘best practice’ criteria for the quality provision of mental health support in sporting clubs, including consideration of potential non-face-to-face delivery and health equity.
    2) It will deliver a thorough examination of a diverse range of mental wellbeing initiatives and resources against the developed criteria.
    3) It will synthesise a set of recommendations from the analysis that leverage VicHealth programs/grants and offer clear direction for Part 2 of the project.

    The proposed methodology to achieve the project outcomes will be in four phases that, combined, will provide a detailed picture of mental wellbeing provision in Victorian sporting clubs. They are:
    Phase 1: Rapid review to establish ‘best practice’ criteria
    Phase 2: Review of existing initiatives and resources
    Phase 3: Evaluation of initiatives and resources against the criteria
    Phase 4: Reporting and recommendations

    The research findings will be synthesised in a report with implications and recommendations presented. The insights report will include appendices with the analytical frame and coded data, commentary on viability for Part 2 of the project and recommendations for leveraging VicHealth programs/grants.

    Funder: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
    Effective start/end date26/05/2031/07/20