Randomised controlled trial of the Artificial Intelligence in carDiac arrEst (AIDE)decision support tool for improved identification of cardiac arrest in the TripleZero (000) call

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Out-of-hospital-cardiacarrest (OHCA) is a significant health issue. In Victoria, >6,500 cardiacarrests occur annually. Every minute delay to treatment is associated with a 10%decrease in survival. Accurate identification of OHCA during Triple Zero (000)calls is essential to provide patients with the highest possible chance ofsurvival. Identification leads to provision of key system responses including call-takerCPR instructions, bystander CPR with early defibrillation, and dispatch ofparamedics/first responders at the highest priority, all of which areassociated with improved survival. Historically, call-takers have been unableto identify >20% of OHCA patients based on caller descriptions alone. Wehave developed a novel clinical decision support tool based on artificialintelligence and machine learning to alert call-takers of the likelihood ofcardiac arrest (AIDE). In this randomised controlled trial, we will determinethe impact of AIDE on cardiac arrest identification in the Triple Zero (000)call to optimise health care outcomes.

Short titleImproving cardiac arrest identification in the Triple Zero (000) call using artificialintelligence
Effective start/end date1/01/2229/05/23


  • Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest