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    The research project will include mixed methods approaches to explore what, when, how and by whom psychological services are currently being utlised by children, families and staff across all QEC programs. This will include an audit a retrospective case analysis from QEC databases, a survey and interviews with staff will take place.

    This Monash Research Project will undertake a review of current psychological services that are available to children and families participating in programs across QEC as well as to staff. These include the services offered, sourcing information about support services for families, and referral to external psychological services.

    Queen Elizabeth Centre (QEC) is a public hospital and community service organisation. Many families exposed to serious adversity including family violence, trauma, alcohol and substances abuse and mental health problems reduce capacity to provide safe and consistent parenting. QEC parenting intervention programs aim to increase family resilience and reduce the risk of children entering the child protection system and out of home care.

    Recommendations will inform future practice to ensure QEC continues to offer appropriate and comprehensive psychological services.
    AcronymQEC Project
    Effective start/end date14/11/1728/02/18