Proposal to Transurban_2018-19 - Analysis of Injury Crashes on Transurban Roads

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In 2017 Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) was commissioned by Transurban to undertake a comparative analysis of crashes on its assets and on ‘like roads’, as well documenting the study method so that Transurban could undertake future analysis in-house.
The Report, The Incidence and Characteristics of Crashes on Transurban Road Assets, Australia (Fitzharris, Liu) found that there were significantly fewer crashes on Transurban assets in Victoria (-81% lower), Queensland (-44%; -53% on the direct Gateway comparison) and NSW (-80%) than occurred on ‘like comparator roads’ in each respective jurisdiction.
In documenting the project method, the report highlighted a number of constraints on the supply of information from government crash data custodians that would limit the detail provided were Transurban to conduct the analysis in-house.
This related purely to privacy considerations given Transurban holds a wealth of information about users of the assets, and by extension, those involved in crashes. The project will document the number and nature of reported crashes involving all road user types that have occurred on Transurban roads since commencement of operations, including on/off ramps, adding additional years of data as it becomes available. This will permit deeper understanding of the impact of Transurban operations, particularly in NSW and QLD where management of the assets is relatively recent.

Activity for is Year 1 Analysis, Extension Analysis 1 and Extension Analysis 2 ONLY
Effective start/end date12/12/1815/01/19


  • Transurban Ltd: A$64,251.00