Professional Learning Program for 20 Principals from the Zhejiang Province

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Researches find that school leadership is one of key elements in the effectiveness of school organisations. The leadership preparation and development has become a major area of concern in many counties. China government has focused on providing appropriate training and seeding high quality professional development opportunities around the world to aspiring and practising their school leaders in supporting future changes and providing for educational quality. There are 20 principals from Zhejiang Province in China visiting Monash university for two weeks’ principal leadership professional development program from May to June 2018. The research will evaluate the impact of the 2 weeks’ course on the improvement of school capacity to prepare the school leaders for the challenges of 21st century.

The overall purpose of this research is to identify the potential needs, differences and similarities between Chinese and Western school leadership approaches using a purposive sample of school 20 principals from the Zhejiang province of China attending a principal leadership PD program at Monash university in 2018. This research will investigate the purpose, experiences and challenges faced by these principals in this course. The research data collected will include two online surveys of 15 minutes each and personal reflective diary entries written by participants at the end of each day.

Findings from this study will contribute to a growing body of research in this area. By studying the Monash-Zhejiang Provincial Principals Professional Development Program, the researchers will attempt to identify and understand the key needs and expectations of the participants, and how does the program meet their needs. It is also foreseen that this small study will lead to a large scale international collaborative study that will examine how the overseas professional development program of school leadership is effectively conducted. Further, the process of completing the surveys and journal entries will offer the potential participants the opportunity to reflect on their experiences.
Effective start/end date28/05/188/06/18