Preventing suicide in perimenopausal women: Disseminating our new approach

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The 'Preventing suicide in perimenopausal women: Disseminating our new approach' project will address the urgent need for better awareness and treatment of perimenopausal depression and associated suicide experienced by women in midlife. Over the next year, the project will:
1) Develop and roll out an online education course on managing women with
perimenopausal depression, open to all health care providers.
2) Provide face-to-face training and education to local as well as rural and remote GPs and other healthcare providers in a one-day seminar on women's mental health (entitled 'In Her Shoes').
3) Treat women with perimenopausal depression and suicidal risk in the MAPrc superspecialist women's mental health clinic, including rural and remote patients using telepsychiatry.
4) Publish treatment trial results in peer-reviewed journals and conference presentations.
5) Publish treatment guidelines.
6) Stage a public forum to educate the broader community on perimenopausal depression.
These will bring about greater awareness of what perimenopausal depression is and how to treat it, and lead to reduced risk of suicide and better quality of life for middle- aged women. Our organisation can address these challenges because it has conducted unique, cuttingedge, leading research into this serious but rarely examined problem in our community.
Short titlePreventing suicide in perimenopausal women
Effective start/end date1/07/1930/06/20


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