Preliminary data & gap analysis of the Makassar–Parepare Railway

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This project will lay the foundations for integrated and connected
transport planning centred on the railway in South Sulawesi. There
are many elements required for an effective transport system. They
include allowing smooth changes of mode, coverage of the area of
demand, competitive pricing structures and much more. The long
term aim is to provide advice and analysis to support the
development of such an effective transport system. The Pilot
Project will lay the groundwork for this by collecting and analysing
a variety of relevant data sets and carrying out a gap analysis. Broad
categories of data include: (a) spatial information of the region
around the planned Makassar to Parepare Railway, (b) information
about master plans relevant to transport, (c) freight demand
estimates, (d) plans for governance and management structures of
rail services, and (e) capacities estimates of the planned rail
infrastructure. This project will also explore some of the links with
other domains to determine what data may be obtained from their
research and what information from the transport systems can be
provided to them. In particular there is a strong relationship with the
commodities domain on freight demand, and with the other two
domains on demographics and the effect this might have on
passenger transport demand. The value of the transport system to
the other domains, in making commodity transport more cost
effective or providing employment opportunities etc are left for the
main project (SIP) which will focus on recommendations for
maximising the effectiveness of the transport system.
Effective start/end date15/05/202/11/20