Portable Neurophysiological Assessment Suite

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This funding request is for the development of a portable neurophysiological assessment suite. This suite can be used to conduct state-of-the-art physiological measurement of human behavior across a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, or industry settings. This request will fund two fully integrated testing suites, with each comprising a portable EEG and portable eye tracking system that will allow for the integrated examination of electro-cortical and oculomotor signals underpinning human cognitive function. Specifically, we request funding for the following items:
1. 2 × LiveAmp portable human electroencephalography (EEG) systems, including actiCAP 32-channel active electrode systems and a range of electrode cap sizes to facilitate use across diverse age ranges. The system is supplied by Symbiotic Devices, Mulgrave, Victoria, with whom MICCN and MBI have established excellent working relationships and second-to-none after sales service. Portable EEG Systems are not currently available in MICCN/MBI. The quoted amount for two portable EEG systems is $75,262.
2. 2 × RED250 mobile eye tracking systems with a 250Hz sampling rate. This infrared eye monitoring system unobtrusively sits at the base or top of a laptop screen enabling the experimenter to monitor eye movements while a participant performs a cognitive task on a computer screen, or to conduct a range of oculomotor tasks (anti-saccade, pro-saccade etc) in the hospital, school or workplace, for example. The system interfaces seamlessly with the LiveAmp EEG system and the manufacturers of each system (Brain Products and SMI, respectively) have a track record of close collaboration. The quoted amount for two eye tracking systems is $93,074.74.

We note that there is no Australian manufacturer of portable EEG or eye tracking equipment.
Effective start/end date1/12/1631/12/17