Police body-worn camera technology in response to domestic and family violence: a national study of victim-survivor perspectives and experiences

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This project will be the first Australian study to examine the merits, benefits and unintended consequences of police body-worn camera (BWC) technology in response to domestic and family violence (DFV) incidents from the perspectives of victim/survivors nationwide. The project will break new ground by generating much-needed empirical research on the use, efficacy, perceived benefits and limitations of police BWC footage in response to DFV, including its evidentiary use in court proceedings and State responses, for example, in Child Protection and family law matters. The findings, combined with the research findings from the researcher’s pilot study, will provide a strong evidence base for the development of future legal reform, policy and practice, particularly for those jurisdictions seeking to review the impact of BWCs in response to DFV, and on victim/survivors especially.
Effective start/end date10/08/2131/12/22


  • Monash University – Internal Department Contribution


  • domestic violence
  • family violence
  • bodyworn camera
  • police
  • victims