Pharm-D X-temp stability studies project

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This project is to evaluate the stability of “x-temp” oral suspension liquid (suspension without active ingredients for extemporaneous preparations) with few active ingredients such as Chloral Hydrate, Baclofen, Sildenafil. This project will assist pharm-D Sdn. Bhd. in marketing their “x-temp” oral suspension in compounding the extemporaneous preparation using above active ingredients. In this project, investigators from Monash University Malaysia will:
1. Identify the suitable method to find out the stability of x-temp solution with active ingredients such as Chloral Hydrate, Oxycodone, Sildenafil using literature review 5,6,7,.
2. Perform the physico-chemical analysis such as appearance, pH, assay and microbial limits at specified temperatures
3. Submit the results in the form of a short report to pharm-D after completion of the project
Expected outcomes of the project:
It is positive that the collaboration with pharm-D Sdn. Bhd. could lead to future opportunities for collaboration on product development, formulation development, and analytical development projects. Additionally, the potential to solve industrial issues with the help of the research scientists at Monash University could benefit both institutions and enhance Monash's reputation. The opportunity to publish this work in a journal is also a valuable outcome of the project.
Short titleX-temp stability studies
Effective start/end date1/06/2330/04/24