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Petrosphere is a monumental public art project that envisions an unexpected archaeological discovery of a curious ball oddity, an immortal giant surfacing from beneath the earth in Casey Fields Regional Soccer Precinct, Cranbourne East, Victoria.
For centuries the soccer ball has played a symbolic role in sporting culture worldwide. Instantly recognisable this small air-filled sports equipment is the ultimate star with players and fans alike following its every move with anticipation, excitement and awe. Every young sports buff has a soccer ball at home, a socialising object ready to kick in the park or backyard… It’s the emblem of the sport, one that transcends demographics, gender and ethnographies.
Petrosphere proposes to immortalise this sporting icon by combining the illusion of an unearthed monumental artefact with patterns of interlocking vintage soccer balls and ancient petrospheres; spherical man-made objects that are composed of carved stone. Integrated into the Casey Fields landscape, the resulting dome shaped form is composed of tapering curved steps and ramps – elements that allow visitors the opportunity to interact with the sculpture. Whether an adventure to the summit, a meeting point, a place to watch the world go by or perhaps a place to tie your shoelaces.
Effective start/end date15/03/196/09/19


  • Casey City Council: A$135,000.00
  • Petrosphere

    Bird, M., 2020

    Research output: Non-textual formCommissioned or Visual ArtworkResearch