Pacific Islands Virtual Online Training in Surgery

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PIVOTS is a pilot project for online surgical training in Fiji.

There is a need for continuous and sustainable remote opportunities for education to encourage retention of staff in Fiji and enhance the delivery of surgical care.

This has become more relevant with the negative effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has causes on visiting teams providing education in low-resource countries such as Fiji and the Pacific Islands due to travel restrictions.

The PIVOTS project aims to deliver a sustainable solution to provide local trainees and surgeons the opportunity to use simulation-based education and virtual educational methodology with novel technology.

PIVOTS focusses on improving quality of surgical care and associated skillsets for greater confidence in the delivery of surgical care

It also aims to assist facilitators to further develop their skills in providing education using this novel intervention moving towards a sustainable educational system in the future. The sustainable intervention will encourage continuous, self-directed, in-country practice without the reliance on visiting team of surgical educators
Effective start/end date1/02/2230/06/22