One Punch Assaults: Opportunities for prevention of fatal and non-fatal assaults

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This research program will be conducted at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Monash University, and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, in collaboration with health economists, clinicians, injury epidemiologists and other experts as required. The objectives will be to estimate the cumulative health and economic impacts of the victims of one punch assaults in Australia, specifically:
• Determine the number of people who have survived a one punch assault in Australia;
• Estimate the health impact of one punch assaults in Australia, by assessing the burden of disease associated with moderate and severe injury outcomes;
• Estimate the economic cost of one punch assaults in Australia.
Effective start/end date1/05/2330/06/24


  • Coward Punch Limited (trading as Coward Punch Campaign): A$130,000.00