Off-Road Motorcycle Rider Safety Public Awareness Campaign

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The Victorian Coroners Court recommended the DHHS conduct a public awareness campaign to increase off-road rider safety, following an investigation into the tragic death of Ms Emma Saunders, 22 years old, who died in an off-road motorcycle-related incident on a private farm/property in 2017 . During this investigation, the Coroner reported there were 33 off-road motorcycle related deaths in Victoria over the past 10 years between 2009 and 2019. The Coroner recommended such a public awareness campaign increase rider safety behaviour and their wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment, particularly helmets and chest guards.

Data from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit indicates that for every off-road motorcycling fatality there are numerous hospitalisations resulting from off-road motorcycling injuries , particularly among children .

Off-road motorcycle injuries and fatalities are complex and multi-factorial in nature and prevention requires a strategic and multi-sectoral approach.
Effective start/end date27/04/2030/06/20


  • Department of Health (DH) (Victoria): A$90,000.00


  • Off road
  • motorcycle safety
  • injury prevention
  • Public Safety
  • Behaviour Change