Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Risks among Indonesian Healthcare Workforce during COVID-19 Pandemic

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This research aims to examine the implementation of OHS policy and system among hospitals in Indonesia, including top management leadership and commitment for OHS, staff training, provision of OHS facilities, information and resources, and OHS audit and review. Specifically, it will examine attitudes (awareness and compliance) of hospital staff on OHS that impact on establishing the necessary workplace safety culture, perceived risks, and job satisfaction. Furthermore, the study will examine the impact of OHS implementation on hospitals’ performance, particularly on staff’s health and wellbeing, which will identify the key areas of OHS for improvement.
This research project aligns with the area of focus of COVID-19 (people and health), particularly the health and wellbeing of healthcare staff in hospitals as well as public health policy responses. The current condition in Indonesia is so worrying as the number of infections and deaths from COVID-19 are still increasing, including among healthcare staff. At the same time, the Indonesian government is facing a big dilemma whether to re-open the economy at the risk of increasing infections. The health and wellbeing of healthcare staff is critical both during and post COVID-19 periods for the effective provision of healthcare services. The findings of this research will have a significant impact on key stakeholders in hospitals, including staff, management and patients, as well as government and training/education institutions. The study will highlight the current status of OHS implementation in Indonesian hospitals and provide guidance for hospital management and governments for improving OHS policies and practice.
Short titleOHS Implementation
Effective start/end date26/08/2030/11/20