New approaches to the statistical modelling of HR data to improve job performance

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The aim is to explore new ways, through the use of statistical models to discover relevant variables which influence and determine employees' job performance and, on the basis of such findings, to implement HRM practices whose efficiency can be tracked with specific metrics in order to monitor the impact of the intervention. The research questions are:

1. Is a statistical model, and specifically machine learning algorithms, better able to predict the levels of employees' job performance compared to other classical approach of performance indicators identification?

2. Which variables, resulting from the statistical model analysis, better predict the levels of employees' job performance?

3. Do these variables change across organizational contexts or they recur regularly?

4. Are the interventions, designed and implemented on the basis of statistical model findings, able ot significantly improve employees' job performance levels?

Effective start/end date13/01/2121/10/23


  • Human Resources and Labour
  • Management